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Vintage Inspired Garden Borders Polyester Twill/350cm
  • Vintage Inspired Garden Borders Polyester Twill/350cm

    Sustainably sourced vintage inspired dead-stock fabric in polyester twill. In this 3.5m length you get 3 ‘border’ rows each measuring approx 1metre deep.

    Dimensions: Width: Approx 140cm.

    Estimated to be post 1990.

    Composition: 100% polyester twill, mid weight. Opaque, although as it’s white if not lined silhouettes may show.

    Main Colours: White, green, purple, yellow, reds & pinks.

    Drape: The fabric has a lovely fluid drape.

    Condition: Unused condition from the original bolt.

    Missy Mop Says: I’ve seen long maxi dresses from the 60s with similar prints and then I have also seen more contemporary designs from recent Dior collections with similar prints. Let your imagination run!

    • Min Length: 1/2 Metre as per Price. To order 1 metre select '2' in the Quantity box, or accordingly. Each order will be cut as one continuous piece.
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