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Welcome to Missy Mop Fabrics

Missy Mop Fabrics started life as a pop-up shop in Hastings on the South East coast of England. I started Missy Mop Fabrics in 2019, because when I started sewing I found it really hard to find fabrics I actually wanted to wear. So from the outset, I have been on a mission to bring the most beautiful, inspiring fabrics to my customers. I specialise in dead-stock fabric and I personally select every single fabric. I don’t buy unseen or in bulk and I always make a beeline for the unusual either in design or composition. I get great satisfaction when my customers select a fabric typically outside their comfort zone and then come back to share their dressmaking expertise with their fabulous unique garment! We celebrate, usually with a couple of twirls, and each creation is proudly featured in the Missy Mop Gallery - I hope you'll be equally inspired to sew, and later share your dressmaking delights here too!

I am now incredibly excited to offer an online service. Due to the nature of dead-stock my fabric lines are very limited and when they are gone, they are gone!  On the plus side that means I do get new lines in all the time, so keep checking in to see the latest new gems.


And lastly just in case you’re curious ‘Missy Mop’ was my mum’s nickname for me as a child as I have wild, crazy hair and my real name is Nicki!

"I invite you now to browse my cornucopia of fabric,

what will you find today?"

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