Does microblading hurt?

I numb the skin with a cream prior to beginning the procedure, as well as multiple times with a gel during the procedure into the broken skin. This eases any discomfort and pain the client may feel. A lot of clients relate the feeling to that of threading eyebrows. Everyone's level of sensitivity is different but we do what we can to ensure minimal pain!

My brows were previously microbladed/tattooed. Can you touch them up?

Only my previous clients can receive a touch-up with me. New clients must book a first session appointment for corrective work. You will need to send pictures of your brows prior to booking so i can ensure it is something I can work over. Please send pictures via email, Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept CASH and most electronic transfers such as Zelle and Venmo. Paypal and credit/debit cards will be charged a 3% processing fee.

How long does each procedure take?

The initial procedure can take anywhere from 2-4 hours; there are records to establish, photographs to take, desired design and color to discuss, the procedure to be performed and the aftercare requirements to be discussed. Follow-up/touch-ups usually do not require the same amount of time.

What is recovery/healing time?

Healing time varies from person to person. With proper topical anesthetics and numbing, swelling will be very minimal and typically there is no bleeding involved with my procedures. I provide each client with an aftercare package and written instructions. The treated area will begin to soften/lighten up within 3 to 30 days.

Can I have eyeliner, lips and eyebrows done all at once?

Yes, a full face procedure will take 3-5 hours. In fact, one advantage is that your aftercare and healing time for all the areas is consolidated into the same time frame. However, some people choose to do the procedures as individual appointments and some will do only brows and eyeliner and return for lips later.

I have or am considering eyelash extensions. What are the rules for mixing the two processes?

You must not be wearing any eyelash extensions during your permanent eyeliner procedure. You should wait until full healing has taken place before having lashes put on.

How long do brow services last?

Microblading/Combo brows last anywhere between 18 and 30 months. Once pigment from the procedure begins to noticeably fade, you'll need to go back to your practitioner for a touch-up application. Touch-ups can be necessary every six months or every year, depending on your skin type and preferred look.