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Joanie - Vintage Abstract  Splash Flowers  /200cm
  • Joanie - Vintage Abstract Splash Flowers /200cm

    True Vintage striking abstract design of intense flowers in pinks, browns, greys and white. The fabric is man made a bit like a light weight taffeta or perhaps acetate.This fabric was very common of the time.

    Dimensions: Width: Approx 90cm, approx length 200cm. Sold by the piece.

    Estimated to be 1950s 60s

    Composition: Manmade, similar to taffeta or acetate. Lightweight, makes a swishy noise.

    Main Colours: Pinks, browns, black, greys & white.

    Drape: The fabric is light and floaty with a bit of structure.

    Condition: Unused condition from the original bolt.

    Missy Mop Says: A striking print typical of the 50s & early 60s.

    • Min Length: 1/2 Metre as per Price. To order 1 metre select '2' in the Quantity box, or accordingly. Each order will be cut as one continuous piece.
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