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Mix & Match Print Summer Dress

Today I have been playing around with print combinations for summery mix match dresses...

This Simplicity 8875 pattern is perfect for using up bits from your stash or my virtual remnant basket. Remember, I also sell my other fabrics from 50cm. Of course there are no hard rules for mix match dresses but here are some tips:

1. I tend to like just 2 to 3 different prints as I think the more there are, the less you notice them. Having said that I have seen more and they look great.

2. If possible go for the same fabric composition for all pieces ie. spun viscose. Sometimes sleeves and ruffles in different more delicate fabrics work too). 3. Remember to wash all the different fabrics beforehand at the temperature you intend to wash your dress going forward.

4. Choose one fabric as the primary print and the others to complement or clash with that one.

5. Mix things up and add some controversy by adding the unexpected. Don't just go with all florals, add spots, animal prints, checks for a bit of fun.

Anyway, as said no real rules, its very personal and you'll end up with a very individual dress no one has, as well as using up odd bits from your stash!"

Click here for a perfect selection of prints to mix and match


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